Our Story

Mullet River Soap Company makes natural body soap using high-quality plant-based oils and butters for fantastic skincare.  We take great pride in the fact we specialize only in soap!   
Dry and scaly skin is caused by lack of moisture, creating tightness, dry patches, small fine flakes and itching.  Scratching your skin may be hard to resist.  Extremely dry skin may have cracks and fissures.  Dry itchy skin affects men and women equally, although older individuals are usually more prone to it. The arms, hands and lower legs are affected the most.
Homemade bath soaps can be used for dry skin remedies.  Our soaps are made with natural, plant-based oils and butters which are chosen for properties such as cleansing and mildness.  As part of the soap making process, glycerin is retained with the soap.  Glycerin is a humectant, which attracts moisture from the air and returns it to your skin.  As a result, our soaps will make and keep your skin incredibly soft and healthy.
Mullet River Soap Company produces natural body soap in small batches using our own proprietary skincare recipe which your skin will absolutely love!
We are proud participants in the Something Special from Wisconsin program, and members of the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild.

Thank you for supporting small local businesses!  Be good to yourself!